Lantern Festival

The International Lantern Festival hit the town recently. Even it is an ‘international festival’, there aren’t so many things to do rather than photo bombing around the city center.

Rainy Season

It is rainy season in Chiang Mai. There are no heavy rains but small pouring ones that last the whole day make the street always wet and dirty. Last time when I tried to get home on my small scooter during the rain, I miraculously escaped from my crushed motorbike with only minor cuts and […]

Unknown Market

I headed to the North of the city this afternoon (I stay in the South) looking for a printer that can produce good quality name card then I accidentally discovered a big local market which is on the end of a small alley. I can’t remember the fancy Thai name of this market but it […]

Saturday Walk

I started the walk today from Chiang Mai Gate to the ‘China Town’ area. There is a complex of two big market there, one of them was built more than 100 years ago which which is called Kad Luang by the local people Beyond the market on Praisani Road are dozens of stalls where hilltribe […]