Linh Pham is a Vietnamese photographer based in Hanoi, Vietnam. In his practice, he explores the human condition in the Lower Mekong region which has been affected by climate crisis, social transformation, rapid economic growth and domestic conflicts, all with a present-day touch, reflecting his study in modern art and design.

Although working internationally, Linh’s personal works often return to document the avant-garde aspects of the issues that link to Vietnam’s past. Since 2012, he has been reporting on stories from Vietnam including the Mekong giant catfish extinction, underground Soviet-era motorcycle racing, intercontinental human trafficking, reburial rituals and the South China Sea dispute.

He is a frequent contributor to Getty Images, The New York Times, National Geographic amongst others, and his work has been published across platforms worldwide.

In 2016, Linh co-founded Matca, a leading platform for archiving and sharing contemporary Vietnamese photographic works. He was named as one of the talents from Southeast Asia and Oceania by World Press Photo in 2019 and he joined the 2022 World Press Photo Contest as a juror.

Phone/WhatsApp: +84 97 666 1931 (Vietnam)