Ancient Town

The 2.25 sq kilometers ancient town of Pingyao, an example of Han nationality, covered by the 10m in height wall was the financial and business center of the Shanxi Province in both Ming and Qing dynasties. Shops open their doors to reveal modern cashier equipment perched on antique tabletops. Bustling about are bicycles, rickshaws and […]

Peaceful Funeral

I accidentally witnessed a local funeral in Pingyao during my last minutes in the town. It seems like the person had a good life and a peaceful death because most of the people in the funeral were happy (in the good way) rather than sorrow. Around 20 local workers were hired to bring the huge […]

Pingyao Police

Just a fun blog post about the police in Pingyao. Many types of police flooded over the small town make me feel more insecure rather than safety. I haven’t seen so many police like this during the last 3 months in Thailand. Moreover, most of the Thai policemen are friendly and talk to you with […]